Hello from the Dominican Republic!!

Saturday, August 02, 2014

Hi folks!! 

Just thought i'd take advantage of the lovely Tropical Storm, that has just arrived in our little slice of the Caribbean, to pop on and say õla! 

As you probably know me and the one we call Damian are in the Dom Rep to get married :-). So far we are taking full advantage of the 15 swimming pools, the all inclusive EVERYTHING, the wonderful heat, and the amazing staff. 

Damian is trying to teach me how to swim :-( yeah yeah I know, you can't believe I'm 27 and can't swim! But I have a fear of water that comes over my face so swimming has always been a no no, however my wonderful hubby to be is very patient and a great teacher and I've actually been enjoying spending loads of time in the water. :-). 

Ooh speaking of water...we saw a REAL LIFE TURTLE!! It was so cool and kept popping it's head out of the water to say hi 🐢 (I know that's a tortoise but close enough lol). We named our turtle friend Tarquin and he seemed to like it. 

Let's see what else can I tell you...ooh yeah! We have the most amazing suite. The bed is so big I can starfish and still not annoy Damian on his side of the bed :-). We also have a double shower room, a free mini bar and liquor dispenser oh yeah and the best bit...an actual hot tub right next to our bed. 

This is already one of the best places I've been to on holiday and it's only the third full day!! Next week we are going on an ATV tour of the island, are booked in for a couples massage, oh and of course let's not forget WE ARE GETTING HITCHED! 
I've never been more excited in my life 👰😂. 

Check back next week for another message straight from the new Mrs Wathern! 

Much love AJ xx

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