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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Hola guys! 
Well I'm currently stuck in a metal cylinder with wings about 30,000ft above the Atlantic Ocean, about an hour into the first leg of our journey back to reality :-(. Sad-face because we have to go home, but also because I am shit scared of flying! I'm talking squeeze Damian's hand so tight it decreases circulation, tears in my eyes, praying constantly under my breath scared!! The part once we're up in the air isn't so bad (unless we hit an air pocket or whatever-the slightest bump and I'm back to a jibbering wreck) but the taking off and landing part scares the bejesus out of me. I just don't understand how people can enjoy the feeling of hurtling down a runway in a steel contraption at the mercy of a pilot you've never met! My mum loves those parts which makes me even more sure she's certifiably insane (jokes, love ya mummy). 
Anyway enough about how I'm a big scaredy cat...
Did you know that the Spanish word for Onion is Cebollas? Interesting fact number 1. Onion Rings are called Aros de Cebollas, and I think that's just the cutest thing. Of course I can't eat said Cebollas because it would lead to me being violently sick and just a bit swollen :-(...which is why I have learnt quite a few Spanish words this past fortnight. It's strange though some words are very similar to our English like: Alergica, vinagre, tomate, piña and oregano. But some are very very different: pimienta for instance is pepper, pollo is chicken, and then there is the aforementioned cebollas. I know I just bored you senseless but I like quirky little language stuff so sorry, not sorry :-p. 
Ooh interesting fact number theDominican  Republic (and some parts of the States) it seems they have never heard of a Long Vodka!! I thought this was a pretty popular drink but the looks I got when I ordered one were comically confused. In the end I had to teach a bartender how to make one, and let an American lady try one (he did very well, and she enjoyed it). So I like to think I've done my part on spreading the Long Vodka word :-). 

Right I think that's enough for now because I don't even have wifi to upload this yet, and I'm going to need something to keep me occupied during our 5 hour layover in Paris. So I will bid you buenos noche...until Paris :-). 
Much love AJ xx

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