Date Night 2

Sunday, April 06, 2014

So between my dissertation, other coursework, art, and generally being so ill I'm almost certainly in bed by 7pm-I felt like me and Damian were becoming *whisper it* boring. So on Wednesday I dragged my sorry ass away from everything and attempted a date was awesome! Yes I had my moments of headspinning, need to sit down before I throw up dizziness, and yes I was so tired by the end of it but hey I had fun while it lasted. 
We decided to try something different so we went to bars that we NEVER go to, drank drinks we'd never tried and just enjoyed each other's company. Pictures after the jump...
Cropped Sweater? Check! 
Cropped top peeking out? Check!
Denim look skater dress? Check! 
Fierce cut out boots? Check! 
Casual/Chic Outfit? Check! (IMHO).

Cocktails and Beer (okay D failed in trying new things here) at Paramount! 
Speaking of Paramount...their decor is awesome, I definitely wanted to "liberate" at least 3 of the pictures! 
Obligatory couples selfie- Celfie?
After a quick dinner at the Ferryhill House Hotel we hopped in a cab and landed at Dusk! Peach Bellinis and Old Fashioneds are beautiful-I recommend slowly sipping the all alcohol blend that is a bourbon old fashioned! The staff are welcoming, attentive and helpful...I'll be back! 
My fiancĂ© is a poser, it's just a fact BUT I'm a bit of a show-off so it works. It also explains why the night ended in the old faithful that is Cafe Bardots! Let me tell you that going from £7.50 cocktails to £1 drinks is dangerous...accidentally stayed out until after midnight BUT had an amazing time. 

So successful date night! I can't wait for the next one!

Much love 

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