Another confession

Saturday, April 19, 2014

So today I did something horrible. Something that hurt me deep down where my soul resides. What did I do you ask? What could be so horrible? Well I'll tell I had to rip apart some of my favourite magazines!!! All in the name of research of course, so I guess you could say I had something forcing my hand. I had the shadowy spectre of my dissertation forcing me to take scissors and my best ripping skills to my magazines (my poor, poor babies).
This one survived of course ;-)

I know you're now thinking "get a grip Amanda they are magazines!" but seriously they are like family! Magazines to me are like little bitesized books, AND WE ALL KNOW HOW I FEEL ABOUT BOOKS!

I have confessed to being a hoarder in the past and if there is anything that makes up my hoard, more than books, it's magazines.
I get Grazia delivered every week, Tatler every month, and I've been known to pick up Glamour every month, Heat now and again, AND FHM when I like the girl on the cover! Do I read them all when I get them? Nope can't say that I do but that's the point of magazines they are for dipping in and out of when the mood takes you. This is why I have issues of Grazia from 2012,13 & 14 that are still in the wrapping they come in. It's why I have 2011 issues of Vogue on a shelf so I can read them when the mood takes me.

But today I dug out my beloved magazines and started tearing them apart, and it hurt :-(.
I tore and I ripped, and I cut and a little bit of me cried with every tear. BUT it's all for a good cause APPARENTLY.

I'm telling you my dissertation better be worth it!!

To cheer myself up I cracked open a bottle of wine and went on a bit of brand spree...which means you can now find LOVEANDOAS on Pinterest, as well as Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Bloglovin and the rest. Aren't I nice to you ;-).

Much Love

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