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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

As promised on Twitter, today I'm going to show you how I made my new jewellery holder :-).
I clearly have a Bottled Treasures addiction that much is obvious, but it also turns out I generally love necklaces in all forms. So it was with a growing collection in mind that I decided to build my own holder. Let's have a look...

What you need:
Foam display board (size is your preference) 
Wallpaper featuring pattern of your choice.
Wood beading- any type of wood. 
20 small screws + screwdriver
Paint or woodstain + paintbrush 

What to do:
Okay so I forgot to take photos of each thing needed before I started but this gives you an idea. First I got a foam display board (the kind you use for moodboards and presentations) and cut it to the size I wanted. Because these are foamcore they cut really simply with a Stanley knife (just watch your fingers). 
Now for my wallpaper I'll admit I was a bit sneaky- I didn't see the point in buying a whole roll for a small board- so I went and got a sample from B&Q. Their samples are there for the taking just don't take too much, I took about 3ft but felt bloody cheeky doing it! 
I cut my board to fit the width of the paper which is a few inches narrower than the standard A2 board :-). 

Next up I used wallpaper paste to attach the two, first paste the board- don't be scared here be quite liberal with your paste and don't worry about lumps. Then I pasted the paper itself and folded it to absorb the paste for a few minutes. 
Once I'd let the paste lie for a bit I took this little guy out 
This is a squeegee that I got when I bought furniture stickers from not on the high street. Any flat surfaced spreader will do but I had this so figured I best use it. I placed the paper onto the board, spread it down with my hands and then used the squeegee to flatten out any air bubbles. This took about ten minutes because I am a perfectionist. But the result looks pretty good...
I left this to dry overnight-although this is probably not necessary. While it was drying I moved on to building my frame. 

I picked a thin beading (2cm) with a graduated pattern. This bit is pretty simple-just measure out the lengths for each edge of your board, draw a pencil line on the beading where you need to cut, and then very carefully using a hacksaw, cut to size.
I needed 96inches total of wood-thankfully B&Q's beading comes in just above that :-). So now I have four pieces of wood that could be stained, painted, or left as is. Because my dear father accidentally snapped one of my pieces, I had to piece it back together with No More Nails, which left it covered in glue-like residue, I decided to paint mine. 
I used an off-white shade called bracken which is softer than pure white, and doesn't overshadow the paper. 
I painted these and left them to dry overnight. 

The next day I was good to go. I had originally planned to attach the frame using No More Nails but seeing how annoying it was the day before I went with screws instead. 

If you're using nails find a hard flat surface to work on. I drew on the back of the board where the wood pieces would go so I had a guide when working with screws. I then simply placed a piece at a time on the right side, flipped the board and placed my screws. (That's the good thing about using foamcore, the screws sit in place without effort.) Now it's just a case of screwing away, I placed 5 screws  along the vertical frames, and 4 along each horizontal frame. After about half an hour, and a tired wrist my board was all but finished :-). 

All that was left was adding a hook and hanging her. I used a simple silver hook, which I placed in the centre of the top frame piece, screwed in and the hung over a pin on my wall. 

Sadly I noticed once she was on the wall that because the softness of the board (needed if you want to use pins for hanging your jewellery) the board didn't lie flush against the wall, it appeared more curved. To get around this I simply placed two screws in the bottom corners, and screwed these straight into the wall. 

And that's it!! I then stuck pins where I wanted them and started hanging my collection. 
I use pins because it means I can move them around quite easily if I want to add more necklaces. However if you want a set layout you can use a harder board and some small hooks. 

Hope you liked this how too, and if I can help with your own projects just give me a shout. I'm always happy to help fellow DIY-ers. 

Much Love

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