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Sunday, March 09, 2014

I can't help myself!! :-(. Went to do a nice simple food shop yesterday, even had a list of what I needed!! Then I ventured to the upper level of Asda Garthdee and it all went horribly wrong...

Prepare for a retro/geek overload.
The Goonies!! If you don't know who the Goonies are get yourself to ANYWHERE that sells DVDs and educate yo'selfs! (Sorry for the slang but I felt it was required). Love this t-shirt it's so very me, you'll soon learn that I like a good, comfy printed tee. Want your own one? Asda, boys section, £7! 

Bargain alert!!!!
Me and the dear fiancĂ© are heading to the Dominican at the end of July, an because I am super organised we've already started hunting for the perfect luggage set...until then though it seems I have found the perfect luggage tags :-). These were reduced to £1!!! So of course  I got the Marvel one and my ever so grown-up and mature other half opted for Spongebob. Love, love, love! 

Speaking of Marvel...Asda seem to be having a bit of a fangirl/boy, love-in with the company. Which I am fully on board with :-). This is a ring-binder, I don't need another ring-binder, in-fact I probably have too many, but it's Marvel!! So yeah £3 later and it was mine. 

Ok didn't strictly buy this one yesterday, Damian got it for me the week before BUT I'm just trying to emphasis my point about the Asda/Marvel love-in. This is a notebook, again didn't TECHNICALLY need one but I am a big fan of having a dedicated notebook for each class, so this is my Celebrity Culture Notebook :-).  

Lastly from my adventures in Asda...
These are pretty self-explanatory. I'm a student, I'm in fourth year, I'm writing a dissertation, I NEED TO HIGHLIGHT! and these were £1...Sharpie Highlighters on same shelf were about £3.95 but in the spirit of the new budget conscious me I ignored the name brand and went for Asda's own. They work! 

So yeah...I'm Amanda-Jaied, I'm a shopaholic and even Asda isn't safe. 

Much Love

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