Music Monday 3

Monday, March 03, 2014

Some of you may know that I like a good go on the karaoke, I mean yeah I have horrible, sometimes debilitating stage-fright, and yes I shake uncontrollably when I have to stand up in front of a crowd and sing BUT put a few drinks in me and give me a crowd that actually seems to appreciate it and I'll have a grand old time. 
I get asked all the time why I've not gone on the X Factor etc and the answer is always the same...I have! The audition process is shocking, and in all honesty if I had to sing for a job I wouldn't like it anymore, so i'll stick to a few bars at the karaoke club and annoying Damian by singing around the house ALL THE TIME! 

I guess the point of telling you this is that this weeks Music Monday will be me sharing my go to karaoke songs :-)...Please share your favourite song to belt out, whether that's at home or in a crowded bar full of drunks.

I'll admit I prefer the original versions of this song...and the Imogen Heep version that is playing while *SPOILER ALERT* Marrisa lies dying in The OC, but this version is the most popular in karaoke books, and this is one of those songs that if you sing it well once people will still be asking you to sing it 5 years later!!

Honesty time...I first sang this song because I was in a bitchy mood and the skank the guy I was dating slept with was in MY BAR! Lol how shocking does that sentence read! Anyhow I was young, I got cheated on I lashed out in the best way I know how...with talent :-p. That's better than shouting, punching and breaking things right?

An oldie and a goodie!! I grew up singing this song in little "bands" I started with friends at school. We used to perform it at old folk's homes-minus the costumes of course!! It became a sort of running joke between us that if we were going to karaoke I should just dress up as Cher, (and then an ever supportive group of friends formed the Cherettes-because they THOUGHT they were funny- I'm looking at you Craig, Dave and Dave!)

This is one of the more recent additions to my repertoire. It's a true 90s/early 00s dance tune and it's actually one of Damian and I's songs, that we sing to each other all the time (feel free to make vomiting noises here). It's probably going to be the first dance at our wedding too. 

I know this probably sounds like a weird song for karaoke but it had been stuck in my head for almost a week and I kind of just walked around the house singing it on repeat. When we went into town last week Damian snuck off to the DJ and put me up to sing this, and it was actually a lot of it earns a space in my list.

There are many more but these are the favourites. Do feel free to share yours AND remember you can now follow me on Bloglovin, Tumblr, Twitter and Instagram.

Much Love

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  1. And most of the ones I thought would be there weren't lol! xxx