March Madness

Friday, March 28, 2014

Wow I hadn't even realised it had been quite so long since I posted! I am very sorry, I can only blame a combination of Uni stress and being very very ill :-(. But there is an upside to being sick and living in front of a!!

So I thought to tide you over until I can concentrate long enough to give you a real post I would share my Best Bargain Buys-the March Edition, with you :-).

Gorgeous from H&M (£29.99) although I used my 25% that I got free in Glamour!
Had gone into town to get the Michael Kors version of this but it turns out that Aberdeen's FOUR floor John Lewis isn't classed as a big store, and thus they don't stock MK in store :-(...but hey BARGAIN!

Yeah because I need ANOTHER bag! I love the shape on this and because Internacionale have gone into administration this beauty was free! That's right it's buy one get one free on ALL bags and none cost more than £20.

Love the colour of this (in real life it's a soft duck egg blue) and it has the studded bottom that I love about Alexander Wang bags but at only £20 plus the added bonus of the one above this is much more purse-friendly.

Daisies!! I have a bit of a crush on daisies at the moment so when I saw this beauty in Primark (kids section again i'm afraid) I had to snap it up...only £8!

Denim and denim effect is going to be huge this summer I'm assured. So I of course promptly went out and snapped up my favourite style (skater of course) in a totally retro shade of denim. 

Pretty, pink, and baggy enough to cover that 4th year bulge that is slowly developing :-(. I love this and because it's from H&M Kids it only set me back £7.99. If you're after one though I suggest buying the smallest size you think you'll need...I bought the age 10-11 and it's MASSIVE!

I have been tempted to dye my hair pink for a long time and then I keep remembering that im almost 27 and about to enter the world of real work so keep deciding against it. With these however I can be whatever colour I want for as short a period of time as I want...colour your hair in then wash it out, simples!! I got 24 colours here for £3.99 from Amazon.

You might remember I bought John Green's The Fault in Our Stars last month, well I LOVED it!! So as I usually do I went right on a bought all of his novels so far!! (not including ones hes written with other people).
These are: Looking For Alaska- £3.07 (incuding postage) from Amazon
An Abundance of Katherines- £7.99 from Waterstones
Paper Towns- £3.98 from Waterstones (buy one get one half price)

Everyone knows I love to draw and paint and make things so I decided to make something cute for my sisters birthday. For that I needed a canvas...I headed to Hobbycraft (my third favourite shop in the world) and picked up a pack of three for just £4 in their sale :-).


My best girl Alexandra saw a print with this saying on it and instantly knew I would love it, unfortunately I couldn't get the print without travelling to Brechin :-(, fortunately though Amazon had this cute little plaque that will fit perfectly on my wall of art!

Sometimes you just want to play a computer game that requires little brain power and a steady trigger finger...Ratchet and Clank is the perfect game...this is the next game in the series which I picked up today.

This was the game that came before that which I bought on Tuesday, and finished on Wednesday!! Oops!

Anyway that's what I've been amusing myself with during this horrible month. I promise much more frequent postings as soon as I can.

Much Love

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