Fashion Friday 3

Friday, March 14, 2014

Happy Friday everybody :-).
So I'll admit that I did promise to up my fashion game on a Friday, to give you all some fun outfits to look at, but I was so tired this morning I just rolled out of bed and grabbed the first thing I could find :-(.

Which leads us to WHAT I WORE- The Too Lazy to Make an Effort Edition.

First up, when I'm being lazy I generally just gravitate towards a pair of jeans that I know are comfy enough for sitting in classes and that go with everything. So this morning on went my skinny black jeans. Some of you may remember a wish list
 post in which I said I really wanted a pair of skinny black jeans...well thanks to the wonderful New Look 915 section I got the perfect pair. They are the perfect fit (which is quite hard for me to get) and they are the right shade of black to keep me happy.

In the interest of carrying on the comfy chain of thought that popped into my head whilst pulling on my jeans I grabbed my favourite shirt in the whole entire world!! I am not one for trends normally but I was really excited when the 90s stared to have a fashion resurgence. For those of you (like me) who remember the 90s the first time round this trend could have been disastrous! But thankfully only the best bits seem to have survived and all of a sudden our shops were full of a 2013/14 update on grunge, lumberjack prints and skirts with a twist. I snapped up this shirt as soon as it arrived at Zara and I am so glad I did. It isn't too in your face, has nice colours and is made of quite possibly the softest material for a shirt ever!! Love, Love, Love.

My feet wanted to be comfortable too, which 9 times out of 10 would mean I'd slip on my trusty ballet flats, but today I was feeling the cold and couldn't subject my feet to the harsh weather. So I slipped on these babies. I'll admit I have no idea where I got these but I love them! They are quite high for comfy shoes but they really are so comfortable I almost forget I'm wearing heels at all.

Lastly, in the ultimate lazy girl manoeuvre, I threw my hair up in a pony, decided against make-up, and swished out the door -somewhat ready for the long day ahead :-).
Thanks for reading guys. Remember I love hearing from you, on all of my platforms, so do feel free to give me a shout and share your lazy girl favourites with me.

Much Love

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