Fashion Friday 2

Friday, March 07, 2014

So as promised on twitter this post is all about how I challenged myself to get everything I wanted, in town today, for under £30! This may not seem difficult to some of you but I'm an unashamed spender, I like nice things and I will sooner pay for quality before I buy discount (so sue me). But today-on payday no less I set myself a budget AND I nailed it!! 

First things first as those that read my latest Wish Wednesday post will know I was after a BB Cream to trial and despite my worries I gave in and bought the Garnier one, because it was the cheapest brand name version available and because I wouldn't feel right writing something off without first trying it myself. 
So I purchased the Garnier BB for Sensitive Skin in light-here's hoping it works! I'll let you all know over the weekend. 

Secondly I really wanted a black nail varnish, feeling kind of vampy at the moment ;-). As luck would have it Miss Sporty are doing a two for £3 deal in Superdrug, which means my trial and error doesn't have to break the bank. I did want a matte black but settled for glossy. Like I said TWO for £3 so I also grabbed at nice cornflower blue shade (cos it's my favourite against my skin tone). 
The black goes on really thinly and I needed three coats to give a proper black coverage- and I have tiny nails. So I probably wouldn't recommend it, however the blue is very pretty and went on quite easily. If I had one gripe I'd say it's a bit too bright for your usual cornflower shade (but pretty blue is still pretty blue). 

Next I headed over to Waterstones to pick up the must have book of the month- John Green's The Fault in Our Stars. There has been a lot of hype around Mr Green- and I usually don't buy into that kind of stuff- but I had a sneaky read of the first few chapters while lazing about in Waterstones Costa a couple of weeks ago and I was hooked. So into the  bought pile it went :-). 

Onto the clothing...I was after a simple tee, nothing in particular in mind just something cute I could tuck into all the high-waisted skirts I seem to have accrued. So a jaunt round Primark ensued. And I found TWO that I thought were totally cute. One was a baseball style tee with a Barbie motif (who doesn't love Barbie??) and the other was a navy tee with a Bulldog wearing rockstar shades and retro headphones! And the winner is.... 
Just look at that face!! Lol this one won because it fit best, the Barbie one was only available in 8 and above and was just a bit on the unstructured baggy side :-(. This one however is from the kids section, fits perfectly AND was in the sale -bargain! 
While perusing said kids section I stumbled upon a cute little skater dress, and I'm a sucker for a skater dress so onto the pile that went. It's totally pretty too, look... 
Waist clearly not to size ;-). 

Finally just as I was packing up for the day I stumbled upon a nail art pack featuring MATTE BLACK nail varnish! It's actually like blackboard paint and comes with nail pens to draw on said blackboard so going to have some fun playing with that. The paint goes on easily and is very black, does turn out matte and seems grand so far. The matte topcoat however is tacky and overly gloopy so I'd suggest using a different one. 

I know you're all thinking "there's no way you got all that for less than £30" but dear readers let me tell you something...I have change...

Garnier BB Cream- £6.46
Miss Sporty Varnish x2- £3
The Fault in Our Stars- £7.99
Bulldog Tee- £2
Blue Spotty Dress- £8 
Blackboard Nail Art set- £2 

Grand total £29.45 :-). 

Anyone else challenged themselves like this? Share your best budget buys with me on twitter, or down in the comments. And don't forget it you like what you see here you can follow me on Tumblr and Bloglovin too. 

Much Love

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