What I wore today!

Monday, February 10, 2014

It was bound to happen eventually so here is my first outfit post.

What I wore on my feet: 
Jason Wu + Melissa Pink Lace Pumps. (Cruise). 

I love these and not just because they have owls on them. They are a collaboration range with Fashion legend Jason Wu, and shoe genius Melissa, who's range with Vivienne Westwood has made her popular amongst us stylistas that like a bit of quirk with our footwear. They are made of this strange rubber material that moulds and moves with your foot so no pinching or slipping. Just beautiful. 

What Made up the rest of the outfit...

Skinny jeans (Banana Republic)

These are my favourite jeans at the moment. Despite the photo looking awfully dark these are in fact navy, with little blue fleur-de-lis. These are basically me dipping my toe in the water of patterned jeans. They are so soft and while I may have bought them a size too big cos I'm a ninny, they still look smart and can be dressed up or down.

Beige thick knit jumper (Primark)

This is my go to jumper when It's cold, it's a bit baggy, but keeps its fitted shape, and the classic knit style never gets old. Under the jumper I have on my go to burgundy silk top from French Connection, which I have found is actually really hard working. Despite it's strong colour it goes with most of my wardrobe and I've worn it to parties, drinks with the guys, Uni and even as part of a business meeting uniform. French Connection do amazing seperates, it's just a shame there isn't an Aberdeen store anymore :-(. 

Finally...what I carried my life in.

Alphabet Bags-Notonthehighstreet.com

Love, love, love this bag!! It was a gift from my girl Alexandra, who clearly knows me so well. This bag looks smallish but I holds so much stuff it's crazy, it really is the perfect bag for a student. 

That's it for today...I don't wear make up unless I'm going out for a night out so none of that here, I am planning on testing out some BB creams soon though so may share my thoughts on that. 

Much love

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