What I made this week!

Monday, February 10, 2014

I thought it would be fun to show you some of the stuff I've made this week. 
Sometimes I get in a really creative mood and all this stuff starts coming out of my brain....

Like this blog book...

This is the easiest thing I've made but I think it looks really cool. I just took a simple sketchbook (this one £3 in HobbyCraft sale) and wrapped it with two of my favourite Washi Tapes. It looked pretty cool like that and I was tempted to leave it but I'm in a branding mood (as I hope you've notice with the makeover) so I drew a copy of the blog header and stuck it in the middle- and that's it! One book, ten minutes and some tape and I have a gorgeous book with which to organise blog posts, note down ideas, and even sketch some inspirational drawings. 

And then we have this...
It's a cake I assure you :-). In fact it is a Vanilla sponge with vanilla cream icing, and it is yummy! Some of you may know that me and Damian decided,a while back, to make our own wedding cake and that means we HAVE to make a LOT of practice cakes :-). A couple of weeks ago we made a gorgeous red velvet with white chocolate buttercream icing and that turned out really well. This time however we were a bit disappointed as the recipe we used didn't make enough batter for our 9inch tin, this means it came out too thin to slice and ice :-(...BUT hey that's what practice cakes are all about! 

Lastly for this week so far I made me and Damian matching lovey dovey mugs! I know I'm practically gagging at the thought too, but I'd be planning to monogram mugs for the wedding so let's call this practice too. 
Thinking about it these were probably easier to make than the blog book but hey ho. I took two plain white porcelain mugs and drew on them with porcelain pens (which I also got from HobbyCraft).
I would recommend using trace down paper to get straight edges if you wanna make these...I went free hand because I figured drawing a heart would be simple, but these edges are curved and annoying. Anyway that's it, draw on, let dry, and then fire them in the oven for 30 minutes at 160degrees. 

I love all of these things and have a lot of other projects coming up, but figured I better do SOME Uni work. 

Feel free to comment any suggestions for cake recipes etc that you have, or share some of your own projects, I'd love to see them. 

Much love

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