Totally Whatever Thursday 1

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Hi guys,

So Thursday's are my day to write about absolutely whatever I feel like, hope you don't mind a good moan every once in a while ;-).

First I want to moan about Doctor's and their really bad diagnostic skills!...Spent all week worrying about having anaemia and trying to figure out how I would cope if I had to eat tons of red meat, only to find out I actually have Viral Labryinthitis! Yes it sucks but it's so not as bad as the anaemia basically means that I get dizzy and nauseated alot and look like an old woman when I climb stairs. The stairs at Uni are gonna be a laugh riot next week :-(.

Anyway I'm sure you don't come here to read about my latest illness about I tell you about my favourite internet store instead?

Right as soon as I typed that sentence I discovered a dilemma, I have two absolute favourites :-/. So this week I'll give you my favourite Facebook discovery, and next week I'll tell you all about the wider world of web shopping. is the best jewellery store on Facebook (and maybe even the internet) and I'm pretty sure also the source of me having to penny-pinch at the end of each month. But if you take one look at the talented designers products you'll know why.

Jilly Tait was until recently a student at Grey's School of Art and her creativity and talent is evident in all of the work she sells, I've bought stationery and necklaces from Jilly before, which for those of you that know me pretty much explains why she's my favourite.

If you are a fan of Film's & Fairytales there is sure to be a necklace on the website to take your fancy, and her classic collection pretty much covers every base you could think off. Can't find one that screams your name? Then ask Jilly to produce a custom one following your ideas, for a truly unique piece of statement jewellery. I got my memorial necklace from Bottled Treasures, along with many, many more and I love every one!!

Here's a photo of some of my favourites on display and looking all pretty...

This is less than half my collection AND I bought another one tonight *oops*. 

Why not check them out see if any take your fancy. 

Much love

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