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Friday, February 14, 2014

So much going on at the minute it's a wonder I am able to organise it in my brain let alone physically!
Between Uni, wedding planning, and self-titled "keep me sane" DIY projects it's a wonder there is any room left in the bed for poor Damian! 
I know that sounds like a weird statement but the pictures below should clarify a little bit :-). 

Here you see a small mixture and even that looks huge! All the wonderful things here are either dissertation related or fun project related! The big white board and bit of wood will soon become a photo frame jewellery display. With added wallpaper for prettiness of course :-). 
Then we have a couple of scrapbooks, wedding organisers binder, and of course the dreaded books on "gender and media studies" YAWN!! 

Then we have these beauties!! It's like the world of theorists got together and decided to ensure every book on celebrity culture had to be thick as all hell! 

Now I love a good magazine (I might even be addicted) but when this selection is a TENTH of what you have to tear apart and analyse for your dissertation then it's so not as fun :-(. 

And on top of all that we have...
Notes to be written up and highlighted!! 

Such a fun Valentines Day :-). 

Hope you've enjoyed laughing at my sadness, and feel free to share with me any things you've got keeping you busy, in the comments. 

Much love

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