Music Mondays 1

Monday, February 17, 2014

I love music, although my tastes may be considered by some to be daggy, or weird or even *shudder* uncool I stand by my choices and hope you'll give them a chance before you write them off completely. 

For my first Music Monday I figured I would share with you my list of most played songs on my iPhone but it turns out that I've just been listening to Little Mix on repeat far too often so every song on my Top 25 is by them and that would be a pretty boring blog post! So instead I guess I'll give you the top 5 songs on my iPhone that aren't in the official most played list :).

1) Flying Machine by Everly- Great band, great songs, so sadly unrecognised in the wider world.

2) Towers by Little Mix- There had to be one mention, this album track from LM's 2nd album is one of my favourites. The lyrics are perfect and the tune is pretty good too.

3) Chariot by Gavin Degraw- This song is just anthemic in a very unappreciated way. Gavin's voice is so raw and pretty I regularly play this one on repeat. 

4) Four Seasons Spring Concerto by Vivaldi- I loathe to call this a song as it is actually a masterpiece of classical music. This never fails to put me in a good mood if I need it or to lull me to sleep if I'm in a typical insomnia ridden state. 

5) I Won't Give Up by Jason Mraz- I love this song so much. I discovered it back in August when I was at my lowest point and it really made me appreciate the best parts of my life. The lyrics should sum up every loved up person's feelings about their other half.

And that's it for the first one, I hope you'll give them a try (if you want to just click the titles and they'll take you right there). Please share your most played songs with me in the comments, or you can now tweet me @LOVEandOAS :-). 

Much Love

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