February Wish List

Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Well the last post was a bit wordy wasn't it?!? So I figured this time I'd give you some pictures to break up the words a bit.

So here it is my February wish list!


7 For all Mankind do the best jeans in the world ever! They are so comfy, they don't sag and the best thing of all is that they don't wear or fray after 5 washes. My first pair lasted 5 years before they started to look aged and too worn for comfort, and now they are a completely unique pair of 7 For all Mankind Denim shorts :-).
I don't know why but I really want black skinny jeans at the moment, it's probably got something to do with slimming quality.
Unfortunately £180.00 is a bit much to be spending on jeans when we have a wedding to pay for so these are definitely a "wish" item. But until I find the perfect cheaper pair these stay on the list.

2)Shrunken boyfriend shirt (£29.95)

I have a gap in my closet for a decent white cotton button down shirt, my outfit of the moment is the classic crisp white shirt with indigo jeans, I think it looks smart without being too stuffy. Of course when there is a gap in your closet for something classic the best place to go is GAP. This shirt perfectly sums up the look I am aiming for so hopefully I can pop this on to my bought list pretty soon. 

3) Vintage Look Waist Belt (£6.00)

Off to ASOS next for a classic tan belt. I desperately need a decent belt that actually holds my jeans up as opposed to just adding decoration to an outfit. Of course it doesn't hurt that a tan belt helps to complete the classic preppy look I'm aiming for. 
I'm going to admit that while looking for the photo of this belt I actually bought it! So yay that should be here soon. 

4) LEGO Marvel Super Heroes (£24.99)

I LOVE MARVEL! I also quite like the LEGO game franchise as they give you a break from all the blood and gore of all the more serious computer games. They are pretty cool no matter what your age, and in my opinion MARVEL is like the geek equivalent of bacon: EVERYTHING IS BETTER WITH MARVEL. Not too bothered what edition of this one, it seems that the PS3 and XBOX 360 versions both cost the same at GAME at the moment so either or :-).

5) Truly Madly Deeply Cushion (£27.00)

I'm going through a nesting phase and seem to be gravitating towards home furnishings and art as opposed to clothes and shoes (don't ask why, I'm hoping it is just a phase lol). This cushion is from my favourite online store Not on the High Street and has the lyrics to one of my favourite songs, AND it perfectly matches our new bedding set, so all in all it's perfect. The good thing about this shop is that the cushion is made to order and they have loads of different songs to choose from, so you'll be sure to find one that sums you up too!

There you have it, my wish list for February. Here's hoping in March my list will be satisfied. 

If anyone has any suggestions where I can find a pair of skinny black jeans, or a soft white cotton button down for a more saver friendly price please feel free to comment and help me out.

Much Love



  1. Sorry to anyone that tried to comment previously it seems that blogger is having a comment posting mare. Feel free to try again ;-) xx

  2. Hopefully this will work ;-p

    Try New Look for skinny jeans - I can recommend the 7/8 ones as they're not too long and also great with pumps in the summer. xxx

  3. Thanks Hun. I have tried New Look but unfortunately their jeans only fit me if I buy the kids ones and they don't seem to have black ones :-(. I'll have another nosy though. xxx

  4. Love the Marvel Lego game, I got it for Christmas, can't stop playing :)

    1. I'm so freaking excited about it! I do have a rule that I have to finish one game before I can buy another though :-(...Tomb Raider Anniversary at the moment and then hopefully I can update.