Fashion Friday 1

Friday, February 21, 2014

I've decided that while Fashion Friday's will mostly be What I Wore posts (which means I am totally upping my Friday wardrobe game), I am also going to pop n a few non-me associated posts from time to time. These might take the form of Street Style, Friend profiles, or fashion icons profiles. It also wont be all about clothes, because as we agreed in the about the blog section (up there ^^^) I believe fashion covers everything we have from clothes to interiors and everything inbetween.

For the first one I will give you my Holiday Wardrobe shopping list so far so we can look at some pictures :-).

This gorgeous bikini is the perfect colour for me, AND it's from my very own cousin's very own swimwear range so it absolutely had to be added to my beachwear collection. 

As too is this...
I figured I should buy at least one one-piece for those days where i've overindulged in the all inclusive dessert table, and this is so cute!

Of course I'll also need a cover-up or five ;-) and this is the first on my list:

 This photo really doesn't make it look as pretty as it is, but I love white crotchet throwovers, I think they just have a lovely holiday feel about them, and they are less likely to get dirty and grimy in the pure Carribean air, than they would here in smog-ville.

While looking at Kaftans I came across another super cute bikini so I figured I'd sneak one more in...
This is such a pretty blue colour, I can't wait to see how it looks against a tan, and for those of you who are good at picking up patterns, it has the flappy bit that minimises the boobage on display, which for me is a good thing (don't want to look obscene in holiday pics).

and then of course there's the feet: 
These are the cutest pair of sandals i've seen in a while, and to me they just scream "Wear me on a Carribean beach" so that is what I shall do pretty shoes, that is what I shall do!

This could go on forever so i'll stop now. I do need a little help though...where can I find beach appropriate heels? I used to have a gorgeous pair but I broke them :-(. If you have any ideas please comment OR tweet me @loveandoas

Much Love

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