Date Night!

Saturday, February 15, 2014

We'd planned on staying in for Valentine's Day in the interest of saving money for our holiday and wedding...and we did stay in! I cooked scallops, and a rump steak for my man last night and by all accounts it went down very well. Then tonight I got cabin fever and we escaped the house on a whim so here it is...our Day after Valentine's Day date night. :-).

Most of you know that I am VERY hard to feed so posh dinners out are so not our thing, so instead we went bowling. 

The obligatory date night selfie turned into us being photobombed by the Cookie Monster, and me looking about 12!!! I am almost 27, it's ridiculous how young I look here but I keep telling myself it's just down to great genes. 

It's a bit dark but you can just about make out the face of a man who has become accustomed to gutterball!! 

Look how straight that ball is!!! I got 2spares and 2 nines in a row but still couldn't find that elusive strike :-(. 

So Damian won both games, then I failed in winning a teddy BUT I still had a great night out with my gorgeous future hubby. Now it's home time for binge watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer and snuggling other words it's been an awesome evening and I'm happy happy. 

Much love 

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