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Saturday, February 08, 2014

Since I started this a few people have asked me what inspired me to try (again) and I have to admit it's other bloggers that have encouraged me to give it a shot, whether they know that or not! So I thought what better way to say thank you by mentioning them in their own little post.

This is in no particular order it is simply a list of the blogs I love and read on a regular basis :-).

1) It Was Against Her Better Judgement is one of the best blogs on the Internet if you're into very well written, articulate blog posts with a dash of humour behind them. This is a personal blog in every sense of the word, but it is written by a very intelligent writer who welcomes you in to her life in the most comfortable way possible.

2)The Granite City Girl is a classmate called Hannah who is also relatively new to the blogger world. So far her posts have kept me entertained, given me tips, and made me laugh (in a good way)- if this is her at the beginning I can't wait to see where she goes.

3) Bethany Joy is an amazing actress and singer, who also happens to be an amazing blogger! I will admit that I originally searched for this blog in a total fan-girl moment, but I am so glad I did. Unlike many "celebrities" Bethany Joy is down to earth, talks to her fans, and shares her passions in much the same way we do. From new music, to outfit posts with loads more in between, it truly is an awesome blog.

Well now there are more but I'll keep it short and sweet for now.

Go check out these wonderful blogs, and then pop back over here for more from me.

Of course I am always looking for new reads so feel free to comment with your favourite blog, your own personal blog, or anything else you think I might fancy.

Much Love


  1. Here is the link for the blog of Yasmine Galenorn - while a lot of posts are book related (author) but some are movie reviews, music and food as she has a gf, df diet thought you might find it interesting.


  2. Thanks chick, I'll give it a gander. xxx