Music Monday 2

Evening folks, It's seems that it is already Monday again (how did that happen?) which means it is time for round two of Music Monday's. 

Gonna keep it really short and sweet tonight folks because I am so very sleepy *yawn* so here we go.

So i'm guessing I'm not alone in having certain songs I listen to depending on the mood i'm in or the mood I am heading towards. I have all these little playlists set up on Youtube that are organised by mood, I mean hello it's me even my mood music is organised by theme!!

Tonight i'll give you one from each and you can have a listen if the mood takes you :-).

Tugs at the ol' heart strings- or feeling soppy

You're a Dick- or the ultimate angry playlist

Girls, Girls, Girls- or getting ready to party

One of those moods-we all have "those moods" this is what I play during that time

and finally

A Little Bit Country-not really an explanation sometimes I just want to hear some country :-).

And that's it for tonight, next Monday I'm gonna tell you all about one of my favourite artists...just haven't decided which one yet.

Much Love

My heart-My Home

I live in Aberdeen in the North-East of Scotland and I do actually love it. I mean yeah okay I am constantly making plans to leave after graduation, and I bitch and moan about the small-town mentality of its people, and when it rains and I'm stuck outside I bemoan our northern weather BUT I do love it really.

Aberdeen is the Silver City and it really truly does sparkle in the sunlight, it sometimes even sparkles in the rain and that's just pretty!! But due to a council more pre-occupied with doing up their own offices than the city as a whole, the city has developed a bad reputation. There are parts that need a lot of work and there are people willing to invest (or should that be were people...) but Barney Crockett and his ilk seem content to let our city languish behind places like Dundee and Hull, when it comes to City of Culture races, and forward movement in any way.

In a mood about the city not being recognised I decided to take a walk and just started taking pictures of some of the prettier sides to our fair city. These are things that I think we ignore in our busy day to day lives...sometimes you can walk through a place and not really see it. So I decided to take you on a walk with me through the medium of pictures :-)...

This is our gorgeous art gallery, I mean inside is full of amazing pieces of art AND the outside looks like this...I can't help but be drawn towards it. 
This is the piece that welcomes you the second you walk in the door of Aberdeen Art Gallery, and my favourite piece by Tracey Emin ever. If i'm feeling really down then I head straight to sit in front of this for 5 minutes, and it truly grounds me. 

Cowdray often the subject of many a drunken student photo-op this war memorial is actually a really nice side of Aberdeen. It just looks majestic and is such a tranquil place to sit (despite the three roads of traffic that converge there.

HMT home of many a play. The theatre has it's too modern for my liking extension, but the true history lies in the main building, with it's opulent red velvet upholstering and gorgeous gold trimmings, it is a lesson in what theatres should look like. I still remember the moment I say my first "proper" play here, I remember crying through my first Opera here, and the excitement that rippled through the dress circle when Susan Boyle herself appeared to sing on stage after the story of her life. Many of my dreams were borne out of this theatre, and many a good time has been had. 

Honestly how many of you have actually noticed these shields? These make up the fencing around the wee garden opposite the theatre. Pro Libertate Patriae means "For the Freedom of Country"- surrounding William Wallace's crest these are supposed to be in keeping with the GIANT William Wallace statue that sits just outside this pocket garden...I couldn't fit the whole statue into a pic on my phone...but maybe next time. 

The Central Library! This is my library people, this is a big, gorgeous, granite building FULL OF BOOKS. I don't think I need to say anything else.

Joining the theatre to the library is this pretty little church. It's not my church, I don't even know what denomination it is...but it is pretty!

This surprised me...I don't think I've ever noticed these mouldings, or windows before, but again that's kind of the point of this blog post. Can anyone that lives in the city tell me where these are- I mean obviously I know but I'm intrigued to see if anyone else has noticed them.

There you go, a wee walk through a wee part of my wee city. Hope you liked it. In fact why not take a walk through your own city and share your pics with us?

Update: Lovely reader Lisa shared a picture of the William Wallace statue that she took (and developed herself) so here you go...

Much Love

Fashion Friday 1

I've decided that while Fashion Friday's will mostly be What I Wore posts (which means I am totally upping my Friday wardrobe game), I am also going to pop n a few non-me associated posts from time to time. These might take the form of Street Style, Friend profiles, or fashion icons profiles. It also wont be all about clothes, because as we agreed in the about the blog section (up there ^^^) I believe fashion covers everything we have from clothes to interiors and everything inbetween.

For the first one I will give you my Holiday Wardrobe shopping list so far so we can look at some pictures :-).

This gorgeous bikini is the perfect colour for me, AND it's from my very own cousin's very own swimwear range so it absolutely had to be added to my beachwear collection. 

As too is this...
I figured I should buy at least one one-piece for those days where i've overindulged in the all inclusive dessert table, and this is so cute!

Of course I'll also need a cover-up or five ;-) and this is the first on my list:

 This photo really doesn't make it look as pretty as it is, but I love white crotchet throwovers, I think they just have a lovely holiday feel about them, and they are less likely to get dirty and grimy in the pure Carribean air, than they would here in smog-ville.

While looking at Kaftans I came across another super cute bikini so I figured I'd sneak one more in...
This is such a pretty blue colour, I can't wait to see how it looks against a tan, and for those of you who are good at picking up patterns, it has the flappy bit that minimises the boobage on display, which for me is a good thing (don't want to look obscene in holiday pics).

and then of course there's the feet: 
These are the cutest pair of sandals i've seen in a while, and to me they just scream "Wear me on a Carribean beach" so that is what I shall do pretty shoes, that is what I shall do!

This could go on forever so i'll stop now. I do need a little help though...where can I find beach appropriate heels? I used to have a gorgeous pair but I broke them :-(. If you have any ideas please comment OR tweet me @loveandoas

Much Love

Totally Whatever Thursday 1

Hi guys,

So Thursday's are my day to write about absolutely whatever I feel like, hope you don't mind a good moan every once in a while ;-).

First I want to moan about Doctor's and their really bad diagnostic skills!...Spent all week worrying about having anaemia and trying to figure out how I would cope if I had to eat tons of red meat, only to find out I actually have Viral Labryinthitis! Yes it sucks but it's so not as bad as the anaemia basically means that I get dizzy and nauseated alot and look like an old woman when I climb stairs. The stairs at Uni are gonna be a laugh riot next week :-(.

Anyway I'm sure you don't come here to read about my latest illness about I tell you about my favourite internet store instead?

Right as soon as I typed that sentence I discovered a dilemma, I have two absolute favourites :-/. So this week I'll give you my favourite Facebook discovery, and next week I'll tell you all about the wider world of web shopping. is the best jewellery store on Facebook (and maybe even the internet) and I'm pretty sure also the source of me having to penny-pinch at the end of each month. But if you take one look at the talented designers products you'll know why.

Jilly Tait was until recently a student at Grey's School of Art and her creativity and talent is evident in all of the work she sells, I've bought stationery and necklaces from Jilly before, which for those of you that know me pretty much explains why she's my favourite.

If you are a fan of Film's & Fairytales there is sure to be a necklace on the website to take your fancy, and her classic collection pretty much covers every base you could think off. Can't find one that screams your name? Then ask Jilly to produce a custom one following your ideas, for a truly unique piece of statement jewellery. I got my memorial necklace from Bottled Treasures, along with many, many more and I love every one!!

Here's a photo of some of my favourites on display and looking all pretty...

This is less than half my collection AND I bought another one tonight *oops*. 

Why not check them out see if any take your fancy. 

Much love

Wish Wednesday 1

Ooh almost missed the deadline but had a big day!! 

Right my first wish Wednesday is going to be a quick one...

I wish that awards show people would stop giving awards to idiots like this... 
This Johnny Cash looking wannabe hard man MIGHT be a brilliant musician but with egotistical rambling twat assed "speeches" like his last at tonight's Brit Awards he just turns me off and makes me listen to a different band! 

Sorry Alex Turner, the Brits people might not "invoice you for the mic" but I'm invoicing you for the bit of my soul that died listening to your gumph! 

Much love

P.s. Check out his speech on YouTube if you didn't witness the horror live. 


Try it Yourself Tuesdays 1

None of the days of the week starts with "D" so I've renamed D.I.Y to T.I.Y :-). 

I've made a couple of things this week but my favourite has to be my Ooey Gooey Scrummy Yummy McCahery Family Brownies...they are so fine it's a wonder I'm not eating them for every meal, and subsequently getting very fat! 

Here's some pics....and as an added treat I've added a tab to the top of the blog which will take you to recipes. If everything works the way it is supposed to all foodstuffs I make will have their recipes under this tab :-). 

Straight out of the oven :-)...

 Cut and ready to eat :-) so gooey. 

These pictures don't even do them any try the recipe and let me know what you think.

Remember I would love to hear your recipes so share in the comments...or tweet me @LOVEandOAS

Much Love

Music Mondays 1

I love music, although my tastes may be considered by some to be daggy, or weird or even *shudder* uncool I stand by my choices and hope you'll give them a chance before you write them off completely. 

For my first Music Monday I figured I would share with you my list of most played songs on my iPhone but it turns out that I've just been listening to Little Mix on repeat far too often so every song on my Top 25 is by them and that would be a pretty boring blog post! So instead I guess I'll give you the top 5 songs on my iPhone that aren't in the official most played list :).

1) Flying Machine by Everly- Great band, great songs, so sadly unrecognised in the wider world.

2) Towers by Little Mix- There had to be one mention, this album track from LM's 2nd album is one of my favourites. The lyrics are perfect and the tune is pretty good too.

3) Chariot by Gavin Degraw- This song is just anthemic in a very unappreciated way. Gavin's voice is so raw and pretty I regularly play this one on repeat. 

4) Four Seasons Spring Concerto by Vivaldi- I loathe to call this a song as it is actually a masterpiece of classical music. This never fails to put me in a good mood if I need it or to lull me to sleep if I'm in a typical insomnia ridden state. 

5) I Won't Give Up by Jason Mraz- I love this song so much. I discovered it back in August when I was at my lowest point and it really made me appreciate the best parts of my life. The lyrics should sum up every loved up person's feelings about their other half.

And that's it for the first one, I hope you'll give them a try (if you want to just click the titles and they'll take you right there). Please share your most played songs with me in the comments, or you can now tweet me @LOVEandOAS :-). 

Much Love

Date Night!

We'd planned on staying in for Valentine's Day in the interest of saving money for our holiday and wedding...and we did stay in! I cooked scallops, and a rump steak for my man last night and by all accounts it went down very well. Then tonight I got cabin fever and we escaped the house on a whim so here it is...our Day after Valentine's Day date night. :-).

Most of you know that I am VERY hard to feed so posh dinners out are so not our thing, so instead we went bowling. 

The obligatory date night selfie turned into us being photobombed by the Cookie Monster, and me looking about 12!!! I am almost 27, it's ridiculous how young I look here but I keep telling myself it's just down to great genes. 

It's a bit dark but you can just about make out the face of a man who has become accustomed to gutterball!! 

Look how straight that ball is!!! I got 2spares and 2 nines in a row but still couldn't find that elusive strike :-(. 

So Damian won both games, then I failed in winning a teddy BUT I still had a great night out with my gorgeous future hubby. Now it's home time for binge watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer and snuggling other words it's been an awesome evening and I'm happy happy. 

Much love 

Just a little note from me to you!

My life as I know it!

So much going on at the minute it's a wonder I am able to organise it in my brain let alone physically!
Between Uni, wedding planning, and self-titled "keep me sane" DIY projects it's a wonder there is any room left in the bed for poor Damian! 
I know that sounds like a weird statement but the pictures below should clarify a little bit :-). 

Here you see a small mixture and even that looks huge! All the wonderful things here are either dissertation related or fun project related! The big white board and bit of wood will soon become a photo frame jewellery display. With added wallpaper for prettiness of course :-). 
Then we have a couple of scrapbooks, wedding organisers binder, and of course the dreaded books on "gender and media studies" YAWN!! 

Then we have these beauties!! It's like the world of theorists got together and decided to ensure every book on celebrity culture had to be thick as all hell! 

Now I love a good magazine (I might even be addicted) but when this selection is a TENTH of what you have to tear apart and analyse for your dissertation then it's so not as fun :-(. 

And on top of all that we have...
Notes to be written up and highlighted!! 

Such a fun Valentines Day :-). 

Hope you've enjoyed laughing at my sadness, and feel free to share with me any things you've got keeping you busy, in the comments. 

Much love

What I wore today!

It was bound to happen eventually so here is my first outfit post.

What I wore on my feet: 
Jason Wu + Melissa Pink Lace Pumps. (Cruise). 

I love these and not just because they have owls on them. They are a collaboration range with Fashion legend Jason Wu, and shoe genius Melissa, who's range with Vivienne Westwood has made her popular amongst us stylistas that like a bit of quirk with our footwear. They are made of this strange rubber material that moulds and moves with your foot so no pinching or slipping. Just beautiful. 

What Made up the rest of the outfit...

Skinny jeans (Banana Republic)

These are my favourite jeans at the moment. Despite the photo looking awfully dark these are in fact navy, with little blue fleur-de-lis. These are basically me dipping my toe in the water of patterned jeans. They are so soft and while I may have bought them a size too big cos I'm a ninny, they still look smart and can be dressed up or down.

Beige thick knit jumper (Primark)

This is my go to jumper when It's cold, it's a bit baggy, but keeps its fitted shape, and the classic knit style never gets old. Under the jumper I have on my go to burgundy silk top from French Connection, which I have found is actually really hard working. Despite it's strong colour it goes with most of my wardrobe and I've worn it to parties, drinks with the guys, Uni and even as part of a business meeting uniform. French Connection do amazing seperates, it's just a shame there isn't an Aberdeen store anymore :-(. 

Finally...what I carried my life in.


Love, love, love this bag!! It was a gift from my girl Alexandra, who clearly knows me so well. This bag looks smallish but I holds so much stuff it's crazy, it really is the perfect bag for a student. 

That's it for today...I don't wear make up unless I'm going out for a night out so none of that here, I am planning on testing out some BB creams soon though so may share my thoughts on that. 

Much love

What I made this week!

I thought it would be fun to show you some of the stuff I've made this week. 
Sometimes I get in a really creative mood and all this stuff starts coming out of my brain....

Like this blog book...

This is the easiest thing I've made but I think it looks really cool. I just took a simple sketchbook (this one £3 in HobbyCraft sale) and wrapped it with two of my favourite Washi Tapes. It looked pretty cool like that and I was tempted to leave it but I'm in a branding mood (as I hope you've notice with the makeover) so I drew a copy of the blog header and stuck it in the middle- and that's it! One book, ten minutes and some tape and I have a gorgeous book with which to organise blog posts, note down ideas, and even sketch some inspirational drawings. 

And then we have this...
It's a cake I assure you :-). In fact it is a Vanilla sponge with vanilla cream icing, and it is yummy! Some of you may know that me and Damian decided,a while back, to make our own wedding cake and that means we HAVE to make a LOT of practice cakes :-). A couple of weeks ago we made a gorgeous red velvet with white chocolate buttercream icing and that turned out really well. This time however we were a bit disappointed as the recipe we used didn't make enough batter for our 9inch tin, this means it came out too thin to slice and ice :-(...BUT hey that's what practice cakes are all about! 

Lastly for this week so far I made me and Damian matching lovey dovey mugs! I know I'm practically gagging at the thought too, but I'd be planning to monogram mugs for the wedding so let's call this practice too. 
Thinking about it these were probably easier to make than the blog book but hey ho. I took two plain white porcelain mugs and drew on them with porcelain pens (which I also got from HobbyCraft).
I would recommend using trace down paper to get straight edges if you wanna make these...I went free hand because I figured drawing a heart would be simple, but these edges are curved and annoying. Anyway that's it, draw on, let dry, and then fire them in the oven for 30 minutes at 160degrees. 

I love all of these things and have a lot of other projects coming up, but figured I better do SOME Uni work. 

Feel free to comment any suggestions for cake recipes etc that you have, or share some of your own projects, I'd love to see them. 

Much love

Blogs of Note

Since I started this a few people have asked me what inspired me to try (again) and I have to admit it's other bloggers that have encouraged me to give it a shot, whether they know that or not! So I thought what better way to say thank you by mentioning them in their own little post.

This is in no particular order it is simply a list of the blogs I love and read on a regular basis :-).

1) It Was Against Her Better Judgement is one of the best blogs on the Internet if you're into very well written, articulate blog posts with a dash of humour behind them. This is a personal blog in every sense of the word, but it is written by a very intelligent writer who welcomes you in to her life in the most comfortable way possible.

2)The Granite City Girl is a classmate called Hannah who is also relatively new to the blogger world. So far her posts have kept me entertained, given me tips, and made me laugh (in a good way)- if this is her at the beginning I can't wait to see where she goes.

3) Bethany Joy is an amazing actress and singer, who also happens to be an amazing blogger! I will admit that I originally searched for this blog in a total fan-girl moment, but I am so glad I did. Unlike many "celebrities" Bethany Joy is down to earth, talks to her fans, and shares her passions in much the same way we do. From new music, to outfit posts with loads more in between, it truly is an awesome blog.

Well now there are more but I'll keep it short and sweet for now.

Go check out these wonderful blogs, and then pop back over here for more from me.

Of course I am always looking for new reads so feel free to comment with your favourite blog, your own personal blog, or anything else you think I might fancy.

Much Love

February Wish List

Well the last post was a bit wordy wasn't it?!? So I figured this time I'd give you some pictures to break up the words a bit.

So here it is my February wish list!


7 For all Mankind do the best jeans in the world ever! They are so comfy, they don't sag and the best thing of all is that they don't wear or fray after 5 washes. My first pair lasted 5 years before they started to look aged and too worn for comfort, and now they are a completely unique pair of 7 For all Mankind Denim shorts :-).
I don't know why but I really want black skinny jeans at the moment, it's probably got something to do with slimming quality.
Unfortunately £180.00 is a bit much to be spending on jeans when we have a wedding to pay for so these are definitely a "wish" item. But until I find the perfect cheaper pair these stay on the list.

2)Shrunken boyfriend shirt (£29.95)

I have a gap in my closet for a decent white cotton button down shirt, my outfit of the moment is the classic crisp white shirt with indigo jeans, I think it looks smart without being too stuffy. Of course when there is a gap in your closet for something classic the best place to go is GAP. This shirt perfectly sums up the look I am aiming for so hopefully I can pop this on to my bought list pretty soon. 

3) Vintage Look Waist Belt (£6.00)

Off to ASOS next for a classic tan belt. I desperately need a decent belt that actually holds my jeans up as opposed to just adding decoration to an outfit. Of course it doesn't hurt that a tan belt helps to complete the classic preppy look I'm aiming for. 
I'm going to admit that while looking for the photo of this belt I actually bought it! So yay that should be here soon. 

4) LEGO Marvel Super Heroes (£24.99)

I LOVE MARVEL! I also quite like the LEGO game franchise as they give you a break from all the blood and gore of all the more serious computer games. They are pretty cool no matter what your age, and in my opinion MARVEL is like the geek equivalent of bacon: EVERYTHING IS BETTER WITH MARVEL. Not too bothered what edition of this one, it seems that the PS3 and XBOX 360 versions both cost the same at GAME at the moment so either or :-).

5) Truly Madly Deeply Cushion (£27.00)

I'm going through a nesting phase and seem to be gravitating towards home furnishings and art as opposed to clothes and shoes (don't ask why, I'm hoping it is just a phase lol). This cushion is from my favourite online store Not on the High Street and has the lyrics to one of my favourite songs, AND it perfectly matches our new bedding set, so all in all it's perfect. The good thing about this shop is that the cushion is made to order and they have loads of different songs to choose from, so you'll be sure to find one that sums you up too!

There you have it, my wish list for February. Here's hoping in March my list will be satisfied. 

If anyone has any suggestions where I can find a pair of skinny black jeans, or a soft white cotton button down for a more saver friendly price please feel free to comment and help me out.

Much Love


The First One

So writing your first blog post is actually a lot harder than it sounds...I have a thousand ideas for future posts but they all seem a bit strange for a first post. In true AJ style though I did some research about what makes a good blog post and narrowed it down to lists or about me....with that in mind welcome to my list of ten things you may or may not already know about me :-).

1) I am 98% sure that I was a witch in a past life. - now don't get me wrong I don't think I have magical powers, above and beyond those that most women have anyway, but there are reasons why I have this feeling. For instance I have a great fear of water that covers my face, I hate having things around my neck that aren't loose, and despite loving fire from a distance I have had recurring dreams, for as long as I can remember, about dying in a fire. Now I hear you saying why do these completely rational things make you think you were a witch? Well dear readers it's like this...many people say that fears and dislikes that are formed without any rational reason are generally built in from a previous incarnation of yourself i.e. past lives. Add that tidbit of information to my previously confessed fears and you have someone who in a past life had reason to avoid water over they face, tight things around the neck and stifling fire, and I give you a witch that was water-dunked, hanged and or burnt at the stake for her crimes.

2) I probably shouldn't believe in past lives as I am actually a Christian.- Yeah I know it might be hard to believe for many but I am in fact a fully paid up member of the Jesus brigade. I wont shove my believes down other people's throats, I don't expect anybody to agree with my beliefs and I wont cut you out of my life for disagreeing with me...I mean come on my fiance is a Godless heathen* and I'm marrying him. But I also wont put up with people trying to make me feel bad for my faith which happens more often than one would hope. Oh and before you assume that because I am a Christian I am against all sorts of things, I am not an idiot and I abhor the fundamental Christians with their hate campaigns against completely natural things but as I always said God will judge in the way he sees fit, it is not my place.

3) I have REALLY fucked up food habits.- I am not even kidding here people I eat weird things. I mean in the first instance my eating habits are pretty dodgy anyway, I don't like A LOT of things I basically have the diet of a ten year old child...seriously give me chicken nuggets, chips and beans any day and I'll be happy. I can't eat many fancy things as I have allergies and I am very fussy with what I will and wont try BUT then it starts getting weird. My favourite snack at the moment is Flame Grilled Steak McCoys and Creme Eggs- I realise that only sounds weird when I finish by saying, together! I love to dip the crisps into the fondant and eat them together it is soooo freaking fine. It doesn't even have to be McCoys, I also like smokey bacon wheat crunchies with creme eggs. Another weird one which has my friends looking at me funny is: smokey bacon crisps with chocolate ice cream sauce, or chocolate fudge icing. The good thing I take from these strange dietary habits is that when I get pregnant and start getting cravings there is no way they can be worse than what I already do, right?

4) I recently discovered that I DO have a maternal bone in my body.- I wasn't one of those girls that went around primary school dreaming about being a mummy and playing with dolls. I was more likely to be found writing poems, and stories, and playing with made up Ouija boards (clearly I came to Christianity later in life). I wanted to be a star, be it through dancing, singing, ice skating or writing. Later in life I wanted to be a CEO, an MD, a Pulitzer Prize winning writer or journalist, but never a mother. My own mother had pretty much resigned herself to the fact that she had raised two completely non-maternal daughters that were going to condemn her to a life with no grandmotherly perks. And then something crazy happened, I started to thaw. Babies started to make me gooey inside, I started to have conversations with 4 month old children and not get annoyed that they didn't understand me enough to do as I said. I babysat my best friends little boy ALOT and found that I liked being responsible for another human being, and that everything seems so much better when a helpless little thing smiles at you and hugs you tight. I have changed, I still want to be a CEO, and MD, a Pulitzer Prize winning writer but I want to do all this with my Husband and a family by my side.

5) I wear loads of jewellery all at once but there is one piece that I wear everyday.-  I have a serious Bottled Treasures addiction, these are necklaces made by a very talented woman called Jilly Tait and can be found at Bottled Treasures. I have so many of these and intend to buy more and more but there is one in particular that I never take off. Jilly does amazing custom designs and she very kindly made me one this summer. Here comes the sad part, and for this I'm sorry, in August 2013 myself and Damian sadly lost our first baby and it was a horrible time for both of us. Despite the sadness that comes with such a horrible experience there are the feelings that you want to hold onto forever so with that in mind Jilly made us a custom commemorative necklace, which I adore.
Angel Baby, Pip, 12th August 2013.
6) My name is Amanda-Jaied and I am a hoarder :-(.- I HATE throwing things out. But I also hate clutter so imagine how hard it is to organise my life. I just can't seem to part with things I have spent my life accumulating. Now for those of you that really know me you are aware of just how often I move house so you'd assume that I clear things out quite often, you;d be wrong! I most recently moved house on the 2nd of January 2014 and when it came to packing I discovered items I have absolutely no use for, haven't used or looked at since the last time I moved house, and probably wont ever use again, but you can bet any amount of money I found a reason why I absolutely could not throw them out. I am not proud of the fact I have shoes in my collection that don't fit anymore, I can't explain why I have issues of MORE magazine from 2007, and I definitely cannot tell you why I am currently looking at a make-up set that was given to me as an 18th birthday present (I don't even wear make-up!!!). But I can tell you that if any of these things suddenly disappeared I would notice, I would search for them, and I would kill the person that got rid of them!

7) I have seen every episode of Grey's Anatomy, One Tree Hill, Charmed and Buffy the Vampire Slayer, at least twice.- That list is by no means extensive, you could also add Sabrina the Teenage Witch, 90210, Bones, and Friends and we still wouldn't be finished. My point here is that I love TV. I love TV shows like the ones mentioned above, and sometimes I sit in front of NETFLIX or NOW TV and just binge watch shows that I have seen a thousand times. Shows like One Tree Hill have introduced me to music that I love, actors that have gone onto great things, and stories that are at times so far-fetched but at the same time completely relatable to real life. On the flipside, I have never watched an episode of The Walking Dead or Breaking Bad...don't kill me. 

8) I am completely obsessed with Vivienne Westwood.- Let me clarify: there is the completely obsessed fan that loves the person and devours all they can about the woman herself, and there is the the completely obsessed fan that makes her friends walk from one side of Glasgow city centre to the other, in the rain, to find a scarf that may or may not have been released yet. I am clearly the latter. I love the artist within the woman, a large chunk of my accessories collection is made up of Vivienne Westwood pieces, from wallets and scarfs to pen sets and sunglasses. I love them all and I will continue to buy them all until the day I die, and come that day I will be buried in my favourite cashmere Viv scarf...the kids can inherit everything else. 

9) I would give up everything I own for Curtis Stigers to sing at my wedding.- Now bear in mind that I have previously stated that I am a hoarder, and my previous revelation pointed out that I can be quite materialistic, that is how much I would love the man to sing at our wedding. I know that many of you wont even know who Curtis Stigers is, and that in itself is a crime, but I love him. You may know who he is if you were born in the 80's, have an appreciation for Jazz music, are a fan of Sons of Anarchy, or if you watched ITV's awful show that paired celebs with singers (I can't even remember what it was called). The point is he is my guilty pleasure. Check him out here.

10) I suffer from social anxiety.- Now I know some of you are thinking I'm full of crap here, but it's true. I have a reputation as a party girl, as this bubbly, extroverted, bouncy girl that makes friends super easily and doesn't get scared easily, but in all honesty I hate parties, I hate large groups of people, I get anxious around new people, I am more likely to stay in bed writing on this blog than I am to go into town and actually socialise with people. It hasn't always been like this, and I am taking steps to make it so it wont always be like this, but for now I am a socially anxious, introverted homebody. 

Well that was a lot harder than I thought it would be but it's done, and now you all know a little bit more about me. I hope you enjoyed my first post, thank you for reading it, and look out for the rest :-).

Much Love
AJ xx

*Godless Heathen is clearly a pet name, I meant to say Atheist :-) .

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