Bitesize Travel Review | Madrid

I've never really wanted to be a travel blogger, but I do LOVE to travel! Damian and I are lucky enough to get to go to some beautiful places so I thought I would do some simple, bitesize posts about the places we visit. First up our whistlestop trip to Madrid in October 2018. This trip was organised just so I could see two of my favourite pieces of art which both happen to be in Madrid.

Flights: Aberdeen to Heathrow (British Airways)-----Heathrow to Madrid (Iberia)
             Madrid to Heathrow (Iberia)-----Heathrow to Aberdeen (British Airways)
             £324* return for 2 people


Living with...Fibro

Living with Fibromyalgia...the number one point: don't expect people to know what the hell you are talking about when you tell them you have fibromyalgia! It is such a complicated illness that many doctors don't even understand it. It took years, and a heap of different doctors, and misdiagnoses for me to finally get an answer as to what was wrong with me. And when I did find out all I learned was that there is no cure, painkillers are basically all the doctor can give you-and if you have a metabolism like mine they do bugger all! So buckle up for a list of things that flew through my head when I asked myself the question: What is it like living with fibromyalgia?


Your Song

Your Song is The One before The One.
It's over long before it was over.
It's clinging on to what we thought was good, It was safety, and home, and comfort.
It was sadness and loneliness.