AD | Feeding my Family for Under £5.50

If you know me at all and you're reading that title and thinking something is very very wrong! I am self-admittedly NOT a cook. The kitchen is not my domain, unless we're talking about baking which is a horse of a different colour of course. I am the furthest thing from a foodie it is possible to be so I tend to just stay out of the kitchen altogether and leave it to Damian, who LOVES his food. So trust me I get it that you might be thinking "there is absolutely no way AJ is cooking actual food" and honestly you'd be right! I am categorically not being the chef in this scenario-I have however set Damian a challenge, which is to cook a healthy dinner for four (or a meal that he can cook and freeze to cover at least four meals) for less than £5.50-using Schwartz Recipe Mixes!


Better Read than Dead

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I think it's safe to say that I have been neglecting my online life somewhat in recent months, but for all the right reasons! Last year I set myself the challenge of reading 50 books (with the Goodreads Reading Challenge) and I don't like to lose, even against myself, so I put the laptop and the phone away and picked up book after book, and I bloody smashed it! I actually ended up reading 56 books last year, and I discovered so many favourite new world's, new characters, and wonderful new authors. On the flip side I also DNFd a couple of books for the first time ever, I always used to believe I had to finish a book, give it a chance, but it's a book, it doesn't know if you've finished it! I am no longer wasting my time on books that aren't for me when there are millions of books out there that I could be reading instead. With all that said I thought it would be nice to do a wee round-up of some of the books that stood out to me from the long list of books I read or attempted to read last year. 



[AD] Happy Feeding with Hills Science Plan Dog Food

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Meet Lando-the cutest, clingiest, fussiest Patterdoodle in the land.