GIFTED | The Perfect Father's Day Gift? Maybe??

Question Time: Is there anything out there we can't personalise? Want personalised gift boxes? No worries. Want your face on a cake, a diamond painting, or a giant balloon? That we can do! I literally cannot think of a single gift we could buy that cannot be personalised in some way, but do you know what didn't enter my mind until I first saw it and subsequently had to have it? Personalised socks with my DOG'S face on them! 

I can't be the only dog mama that misses my dog when I'm at work? Petting other people's dogs (pre-corona) was the highlight of my day at work- because if you can't be with your own dog you might as well play with other people's right!? It is for this reason and this reason alone that when the team at Printsfield said: "we'll put your dog's face on some socks for you if you like?" I literally jumped at the offer.

What I've Been Binge Watching Lately

Okay, so we're all "Bored in the house, In the house bored" right??  I've been on annual leave for what feels like a month at this point and until then this lockdown situation hadn't really affected me (as I was still going to work as normal) but having three weeks off allowed to me to fully give in to the little devil on my shoulder shouting "BINGE WATCH ALL THE THINGS!" 

5 Things Keeping Me Sane During Lockdown

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What a strange new normal we seem to have found ourselves in! I feel like I'm one of the lucky ones during all this because I am an essential worker-which means my daily routine hasn't changed as drastically as many of yours! 
However with that being said my anxiety has taken a huge battering ram to my wellbeing, and I have found myself constantly on edge, or full-on snot crying and hyperventilating. Because I know I am not alone in these feelings I thought it would be nice to share a wee lost of the things that I have been doing in an attempt to distract my overthinking brain.