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August Reading Roundup

Tuesday, September 01, 2020

Did I tell you all I've joined Bookstagram?? I don't know why it took me so long, I mean come on I've loved books my whole life. My earliest memories are of picking out books in little shops, in little villages whilst we holidayed in England. I found no greater joy than in spending my pocket money on the latest Children's Classic at our local Bookworld (whatever happened to Bookworld??). To this day my favourite deliveries are the ones that contain openings to other worlds. I am on first name terms with our local librarians (I miss them dearly and can't wait for my local to reopen after Lockdown)- and I have a favourite Waterstones in the country-It's in Inverness if you fancy a visit. So yeah all this is to say that I adore books, so I started an Instagram page all about the ones I'm reading, the one's I'm looking forward to, and sadly sometimes the one's I just didn't enjoy. I think it's important to share the good with the bad because one person's favourite book might be the next person's DNF (did not finish) because we all like different things. So yeah, alongside my Bookstagram, and my Goodreads profile I wanted to do a monthly round-up on here of the books I've read that month. Some of the books featured will be Advanced Reader Copies but I will put their publication date next to them so you know how long you have to wait. 

So without further ado let's have a look at what I read in August! 

My Daily Skincare Routine

Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Whilst chatting with a pal the other day it became apparent that so many of us still don't know exactly what we should be doing when it comes to taking care of our skin. I'm firmly in my 30s and will admit that after years of hating my dry, flaky, ultra-sensitive skin I've finally started taking proper care of it! Gone are the face wipes, and light swipes of micellar water, and in are the serums, oils, and weird gadgets. No longer am I out until all hours of the night, necking vodkas and then wondering why my skin is so dull and lifeless, instead, its copious amounts of water throughout the day, and an AM/PM skincare routine full of steps.

The same pal I was chatting to was equally as clueless as I used to be so I said I'd write this post for her to help her get to grips with a whole new world of skincare. I was originally going to do a full skincare routine post but honesty with AM, PM, and once weekly routines it was just going to be way too much for one post, so instead I'll do an AM/PM one and then a weekly "deep clean" one which I'll link here once it's done!

GIFTED | The Perfect Father's Day Gift?

Monday, May 25, 2020

Question Time: Is there anything out there we can't personalise? Want personalised gift boxes? No worries. Want your face on a cake, a diamond painting, or a giant balloon? That we can do! I literally cannot think of a single gift we could buy that cannot be personalised in some way, but do you know what didn't enter my mind until I first saw it and subsequently had to have it? Personalised socks with my DOG'S face on them! 

I can't be the only dog mama that misses my dog when I'm at work? Petting other people's dogs (pre-corona) was the highlight of my day at work- because if you can't be with your own dog you might as well play with other people's right!? It is for this reason and this reason alone that when the team at Printsfield said: "we'll put your dog's face on some socks for you if you like?" I literally jumped at the offer.

What I've Been Binge Watching Lately

Saturday, May 23, 2020

Okay, so we're all "Bored in the house, In the house bored" right??  I've been on annual leave for what feels like a month at this point and until then this lockdown situation hadn't really affected me (as I was still going to work as normal) but having three weeks off allowed to me to fully give in to the little devil on my shoulder shouting "BINGE WATCH ALL THE THINGS!"