Boux-tiful Underwear for Boux-tiful People

Ladies I'm about to say something distressing but I want you to bear with me: 


I never thought I would write that sentence but in this case it's true! Men nailed the big "what underwear to wear?" question years ago! Men didn't faff about shoving cheese wire between their cheeks, or yanking it up so everyone knew they were walking around with a permanent wedgie. They didn't demand Brazilian cuts, tangas, high-rise, french, lo-cut, or "girl" shorts- they just went "boxers, yeah, grand, that'll do cheers!" and ladies they were right. All you need is boxers, but more specifically you need Boux Boxers from the folks at Boux Avenue. 

These pants are genuinely the comfiest, cutest, sassiest, everyday pants I've ever owned, so I, them all!! Just look at the cuteness: 


Before you roll your eyes and think "oh God AJ is about to utter the infamous "New Year, New Me" mantra that's always floating about at this time of year isn't she?" I'm not, I categorically promise you that this is not what this  post is about. Because newsflash people, I'm a great person! I'm a fiercely loyal friend, a champion of others causes, a cheerleader, a hard-worker (despite all my doctors advising otherwise), I am an excellent mother to our fur-baby Ginny, I work to raise money for the charity close to my heart, I am a #TopWife :-p, a grateful daughter, I fight for myself, and others, I have well-rounded, well informed opinions and I am funny as fuck! My best friend also mentioned that I'm the queen of the pun so even if you don't believe the rest you have to believe that one! 
Anyway enough blowing my own trumpet (for now, because knowing your own worth is important and so is talking about it) on to what this is actually about...

LoveandOAS Blog Goals 2017

Right, I know it's almost the middle of the month, and everyone else posted their 2017 goals ages ago, but I'm a perfectionist and was waiting for the perfect thing to put in my photos! And now it's here, my photos are done, and here we are :-). 

I have another post coming soon that is kind of a new year themed thing (don't worry it's NOT "New Year, New Me") but this one is all about my goals for the blog this year, so let's see shall we...

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It's Only Words...

I recently shared my word for 2017 on Instagram and the response showed me something- words still have most of the power in my life, and I'm okay with that.

I didn't realise that by simply deciding on one word that I was going to touch on, whenever my determination wavered, that I was actually renewing the motivation I have within myself. I don't even think that it's important what word I picked (or what word you pick if you choose to) what's important is what the word represents, what power I give it, and that it means something to me.

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