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There are no two ways about it, I have to just come out and say it- I am obsessed with interior design and making the spaces I spend my time in feel like home. Unfortunately (or fortunately if you've looked at the housing market lately) I live in rented accommodation so there is only so much I can do to my current home without making my landlord really mad, so whilst I spend my days putting together interior inspo Pinterest boards, and poring over copies of Ideal Home, and House Beautiful, I can't really live out my Kate La Vie-esque dreams just yet.

One way I put my stamp on our home is with artwork and prints, which is why when Old English Company asked me to pick anything I wanted from their site (up to £50) I jumped at the chance to work with them. I'd never checked them out before so I wasn't sure how far that £50 was going to stretch but I was pleasantly surprised to find I could pretty much help myself to anything I liked and then some! After spending a good 30 minutes looking at all they had to offer I finally decided on two prints, and an enamel pin.

My favourite thing about Old English Company is that their choice of prints and quotes is very different from any others I've seen from other print companies. My absolute favourite book of all time is Wuthering Heights so I actually made a little gleeful yelp when I saw the Emily Brontë quote.  Because I am a total cliche of a writer I also adore William Shakespeare, and having noticed they had that very famous "though she be but little...." quote I had a search for something I didn't already have on display, and found this brilliant print featuring a line from the play As You Like It.

Both these prints cost £16 in A4 but are also available in 8x10 or A3 for £13.95 and £21.00 respectively. I think these prints are beautiful in their simplicity, and they are printed on very sturdy card so they maintain their shape whether you decide to frame them, hang them, or simply stand them against a wall.

It took me a while to decide where to place them but I settled on placing them above our bed with one on each side of our giant dream catcher. I have a new found love for these little picture shelves so I bought a couple for these prints, and I'm pretty pleased with how it looks so far. Now if only I could paint these horrible magnolia walls a nice bright white!!

Now don't worry, I'm not forgetting my other choice which was this cute little enamel pin (£7) which says "Stay Weird". There were a few pins that I really liked but I honestly think that "stay weird" is an important message to wear everyday. It took me a long time to stop describing the things I love as "weird" or "unconventional" when the truth is, the things I love are the things that make me who I am and if I want to stay me, I have to stay weird!

As you can see I gave the little dude pride and place on my work lanyard (right under the amazing Dorkface rainbow pin) so every single customer I come in contact with can get a little reminder to be themselves.

Overall I am so happy with my choices from Old English Company, and I already have more prints, and pieces of stationery and homeware, added to my wishlist. If you are in the market for some simple, beautiful, well made products I wouldn't hesitate to point you in their direction.

Happy Shopping. And don't forget to Stay Weird!

Disclaimer: The items in this post were gifted to me by the company mentioned throughout, in return for an honest review. I picked each item personally, and all opinions herein are my own. I will never promote or recommend any product or company I do not believe in, and would not willingly spend my own money on.


Sail Away With Me is sitting at the feet of a boy that I stole
from a girl who shared my name.
In a flat with no carpets
but a strong smell of weed.

It's fresh baked cookies
and heavy petting in club corners.
It's the sticky touch of cheap vodka shots,
and the bitter taste of Lambert & Butler cigarettes.

Sail Away With Me he said,
into New Years break ups, and countless make ups.
It's skyscrapers, screaming matches
and backslides years after the dust settles.

Sail Away With Me is Love/Hate.

How to be Kinder in 2018

At the end of last year, I sat down and really evaluated what I wanted out of life, I took a look at the things that were making me happy, and those that weren’t, and decided that my focus going forward had to be to do things in service of making the happy things outweigh everything else.

With that in mind I decided to write goals for 2018 as opposed to resolutions. I wanted to have things that I could work at, things that I wouldn’t beat myself up about if I failed to keep them up. Resolutions have a certain amount of guilt attached to them (IMHO) in that nobody expects you to keep them, but society will always take pleasure in pointing it out when you don’t. I’ve had enough of feeling guilt, so I wasn’t about to put myself in the situation where I was heaping that guilt onto myself.

That is why the goals were born, and I think that is why now, in the 3rd week of March, I am still maintaining a healthy relationship with them! I thought it would be nice to share what I’ve been doing this year whilst referring to them to see just how well I’m doing. Full disclosure: a couple of the items in this post were sent to me to try out, but I only accepted them because they fit with what I am trying to do with my life, and I would have written this post with or without them.
I was originally going to make this one post but honestly I have so much to say about each goal, that I'm going to have to break it down! So welcome to the first in a series of posts about how I'm achieving my 2018 goals, starting with goal number 1:


Sugarcult is bouncing off the walls.
It's steep hills and broken heels.
Traffic cones and wet paint tape,
in student dorms
where nobody we know actually lives.
It's watching gigs from metal staircases,
dripping in sweat,
stealing band t-shirts
because we were ignorant shits.
It's waiting for the 5:30 train
at quarter past four,
It's pretending you're The Monkees
just to keep warm.
It's pick me,
choose me.
Bouncing off the walls is Sugarcult.
Sugarcult is 17.

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